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VOICE OF THE VOICELESS – E.P.I Intro. Let all men be liars And only God, only God be truthful Coz no truth in the world O Lord O Jah O Lord eeh! O Jah I am the voice in the wilderness I am the voice in the jungle I am the voice crying loud and […]

Won’t Bite

[Intro: Doja Cat] Le-le-le-le-ha-yeah Le-le-le-le-ha-yeah Le-le-le-le-ha-yeah Le-le-le-le-ha-yeah Yeah, yeah Le-le-le-le-ha-yeah Le-le-le-le-ha-yeah Le-le-le-le-ha [Chorus: Doja Cat] Closer to me, baby, I won’t bite You look so tasty, but I won’t bite, really I’m such a good kitty, don’t put up fights But if you trick me, baby, it gon’ get sticky I might (Might just), bite […]

Say So Doja Cat

Say So

[Chorus] Day to night to morning, keep with me in the moment I’d let you had I known it, why don’t you say so? Didn’t even notice, no punches left to roll with You got to keep me focused; you want it? Say so Day to night to morning, keep with me in the moment I’d let you had […]

Sip Alcohol

Lyrics We nuh go fall We nuh go go, we go win You go know All of the blessings fall on my yard Blessings dey for my yard ahn ahn And like that E go be, e go see E go feel am Because the blessings Fall on my yard Blessings fall on my yard […]

avril lavigne bite me

Bite Me

“Bite Me” Hey you, you should’ve known better, better to fuck with someone like me Hey you, forever and ever you’re gonna wish I was your wifey Don’t act so innocent This was no accident You planned this in the end And now it’s over Say what you want to say You lied and I […]